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Tettix AG is a glass that optimally combines both anti-reflection and anti-glare, showing light transmittance as high as 99% and reflectivity of less than 1%. Tettix AG Glass is the worlds’ first and unique anti-reflective/anti-glare glass produced exclusively via a green laser texturing process, without using any chemicals owing to our innovative glass laser-processing technology.

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Tettix AF glass combines anti-reflective with anti-fogging and superhydrophilic properties, showing reflectivity of less than 1% and a water contact angle of less than 10o. The strong hydrophilicity is sustained for a long time if the surface is not contaminated or damaged.

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Our technology can be applied on various kind of glass/crystal. You can order a feasibility study to investigate our technology on your own substrates and optimize it to fit your individual needs.


Custom solutions are designed to meet your unique needs that arise from individual requirements.