Nature's Ingenuity On Surface Engineering

Direct laser micro- /nano- machining, surface texturing and functionalization solutions for Industry and Academia.

Custom software and hardware solution.

Biomimetic Technology

Biomimetic has revolutionized laser nano-texturing of glass with the implementation of a unique laser process which can provide defect-free, large scale functional surfaces.
It offers bioinspired laser nanotexturing of glass that presents optimal combination of anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-fogging, and super-hydrophilic properties. Unlike other nanotexturing technologies, Biomimetic’s technology relies on a push-button green process, eliminating the need of chemicals and consumables.


Tettix Anti-Reflective (AR) glass

Tettix AR glass is produced by applying the biomimetic tettix laser treatment that is configured to minimize surface reflection while enhancing its transmissivity over a wide spectrum and for various angles of incidence.

Tettix Anti-Fogging (AF) glass

Tettix AF glass combines anti-reflection and super transparency with anti-fogging and superhydrophilic properties with significant chemical robustness.

Feasibility Study

Our technology can be applied on various kind of glass/crystal. Borosilicates, soda-lime silicates, alkali-aluminosilicates, sapphire crystals and many more have been already tested.

Custom solutions are designed to meet your unique needs that arise from individual requirements.